Coat Rack of Sacredness

It’s interesting to find the tube structure light but strong during the exploration of linoleum. The coat rack design is inspired by the Torii in Japan.

Collaborated with Forbo / Exhibited at artek


Enjoy the Corner

This is a bar table with shelter designed for the corner space. With warm lighting from the top, one would feel at ease and enjoy the calmness.

Exhibited permanently at Helsinki Clarion Hotel

The Forest

Nature in the City

Do people really realize how close Climate Change is? We’d like to invite everyone to walk in “The Forest” in the city and take a moment to think.

First Prize of 2018 Bergen International Wood Festival


Experimental Design on Glass

It’s my first time to explore glass with metal tools in different ways, which shows the magic power between glass and metal.

Collaborated with iittala


Language of Lines

Connected by translucent plastic tubes, the hyperboloid geometric structure conveys movement and energy. It’s a prototype after one-year exploration of different line materials and geometric structures.

Personal Project


Elegant and Smart Mirror

Inspired by the form of clover, the floating mirror creates elegance with simplicity. Moreover, it’s installed with the invisible infrared sensor and the light will be turned on by simply waving hands.

Exhibited 2016 China International Furniture Expo


Redefine Chinese Tradition

Window lattice was used widely in Chinese ancient architecture but no longer seen nowadays. As an accessory holder and moss container, this work endows new meaning both in aesthetics and functionality.

Personal Project